Care Instructions


Each piece of our jewelry is handmade with delicate genuine natural stones. These stones are unique and may vary in color, shape or size. To enjoy your jewelry as long as possible, we have listed instructions below on how to properly care and store your jewelry.

We highly suggest following these few guidelines so that you can keep them close to their original form as long as possible.

When Should You Remove Your Jewelry?

Our jewelry is made with natural stones that can be worn for everyday wear. However, it is essential that you remove your jewelry during certain actives or certain parts of the day to keep the jewelry in pristine condition and prevent scratching, tearing, or deterioration over time.

  • Always remove your jewelry when in contact with water or excess moisture! This includes taking a bath, shower, exercising, hiking, swimming, etc.
  • Avoid chemicals and household cleaners! We recommend you to remove jewelry when applying lotions and creams, or simply cleaning the house.
  • To prevent accidental damage to you or your jewelry, we recommend removing all jewelry when going to sleep.


How To Store Your Jewelry:

Storing your jewelry in important and often over looked. We always recommend keeping your jewelry out of the bathroom and shower area, steam rooms in gym/spa, etc. Below we have listed a few other tips for storage!

  • Always store in a cool, dry place. We highly recommend acquiring a jewelry box!
  • Clean jewelry regularly and wipe off residue with a soft polishing cloth.
  • Try to organize and store pieces separately.


How To Clean Your Jewelry:

Without proper and regular cleaning, it will be harder to keep your jewelry in top condition for longevity. Clean your bracelets with warm water and a mild soap. Lotions and harsh soaps can create a build up and possible discoloration.

  1. Gently wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth and a tiny amount of mild soap. Do not press hard when polishing or you may cause damage to the surface.
  2. Rinse under warm water and dry the entire piece thoroughly, including the tag, with a soft cloth.