• How do I adjust my handstamped ring's size?
    • All rings are adjustable within 2 different sets of sizes, 4-6 and 7-9. To adjust your ring size, simply pull at the end tabs of the ring to loosen it, or squeeze the end tabs to tighten it. Depending on the rings thickness, you may need to exert more force.
    • I recommended that you do NOT pull or push from the sides of the ring. This may cause damage and could possibly warp the ring. As with any metal, it has a breaking point, so please try to only adjust it once and avoid adjusting it again.
  • Will it turn my finger green or will the ring tarnish?
    • No! Unless otherwise posted, all handstamped pieces are made from aluminum which does not tarnish or turn your finger green.
  • My enamel is fading/chipping off, how do I fix this?
    • Good question! Over time, the black enamel that is used to darken the design will fade. I currently use the most permanent inking process available, however I recommend that you avoid contact with water, excessive sweat, lotions and chemicals to help keep the enamel as long as possible.
    •  If you notice chips or fading, this is perfectly normal! You can simply go over the design/impression with a Sharpie. Once it is dry, wipe the excess off with a soft cloth and a dab of alcohol. Please check the care instructions for more tips on keeping your handstamped pieces in good shape! 
  • What are your handstamped rings made of?
    • Unless otherwise posted, all handstamped pieces will be made from Aluminum. Aluminum is a lightweight, durable metal that will not tarnish.
  • Why does my ring look a little different from the photos?
    • All items are hand stamped by me personally with love and appreciation, not engraved by a machine. No two will be the exact same, therefore each one is unique and un-average, just like you!