Ah, the classic salt lamp. A staple around the hippie community. But have you every wondered just what exactly Himalayan salt lamps are and what exactly it is they do?

Traditionally, Himalayan salt lamps are made from a chunk of a crystalized amber-colored rock salt that has been carved out to fit a light bulb. True Himalayan salt lamps are made from salt mined from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. This Himalayan salt lamp are an environmentally friendly light source. Many are powered by low-wattage bulbs that consume only a small amount of energy, while others are lit simply by the flame of a candle.

When lit, they offer a wonderful warm glow and to some...provide more than just ambience. They are believed to host a variety of benefits ranging from environmental to health. No matter the setting or space, this light brings more elegance, character, and ambiance into any room! So, if you are looking for something to spruce up the interior appeal of your home, look further than a salt lamp.



The most obvious benefit of a salt lamp is the vibe and tone it helps create within certain space/room. Not just by it's design, which NYA Hippie offers some of the most unique designs out there, but also by the light it emits.

At night, the deep soothing amber glow from salt lamps spreads out - setting a serene environment to help you relax, relieve stress, and induce sleep. During the day (or when you have lights on) the salt lamp provides just enough glow to light itself up which adds just the right amount of uplifting warmth to any setting.



Others believe the benefits of salt lamps transcend Feng Shui - how the placement of objects within your living environment and influences your personal energy flow. Many people believe that salt lamps actually help get rid of allergens, purify the air in your living room, and even help you breathe better if you’re asthmatic.

Most of this is believed to be caused by the negative ions the lamp emits when the heat from the light warms the rock salt. These negative ions are said to cancel out positive ions. Positive Ions are said to impair brain function and suppress the immune system causing symptoms such as: anxiety, breathing difficulty, fatigue, headaches, irritability, lack of energy, and many more. It also is said to attract and absorb contaminated water molecules from the immediate environment and lock them into the salt crystal, reducing allergen particles and help purify the air.



Most Himalayan salt lamps appear as a chunk of rock with a wood base, similar to the one pictured at the beginning of this post. Sure, there are slight variations with round spherical ones, triangles, and cubes. But you have never seen Himalayan salt lamps like the ones sold at NYA Hippie!

NYA Hippie's unique Himalayan salt lamps trade in the chunky rock design for a beautifully handcrafted bowl filled with 100% authentic Himalayan salt crystals mined from Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. Theses bowls feature a variety of handmade designs that are impressive and eye-catching.


Check out our video below of one of our most popular designs!


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