ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The acronym itself is used to explain the sudden overwhelming sense of relaxation that presents itself in the form of what can only be explained as....."tingles". When triggered, tingles trickle down the neck (usually originating at the scalp), through your spine and into various parts of your body parts of your body until peacefully dissolve into pure relaxation.

Personally, I can remember feeling ASMR way back when I was in the first grade. The teacher would read these books with big glossy pages in them. As she would finish reading the page in her soft soothing voice, she would turn the book around to show the class the pictures, then proceed to turn the page. The combination of all those actions lead up to some of my first experiences of ASMR. From then on I was hooked.




So, what exactly triggers ASMR? In most cases, it's triggered by some sort of external visual or audible stimuli, usually a combination of both. It can also be triggered with physical touch such as a scalp massage or even the texture of an certain item. It is unclear still if everyone has the ability to feel ASMR. What triggers one person, might not trigger someone else. The best way to figure it out is to try out some triggers for yourself!

Some of the broader popular categories of ASMR triggers include:
  • soft spoken/whispering
  • crinkle sounds
  • water/liquid sounds
  • roleplays (such as a doctors visit)
  • light sensitivity
  • tapping sounds
  • mouth sounds
  • binaural sounds

The list is goes on and on!

It is very hard to trigger ASMR for yourself...by yourself. So it's only natural that a lot of tingle seekers flock to YouTube for their ASMR triggers! Just be careful as it is possible to "burn out" a trigger if overused (i.e. watching the same video multiple times to trigger ASMR).




ASMR Videos are a WONDERFUL way to test and explore different types of audible and visual triggers. We highly recommend using this as your source of ASMR triggers just because of the sheer amount of content that is available, which is great because as mentioned previously,not everyone gets triggered by the same thing.

Popular ASMR Channels:

    Make sure you're using headphones while watching these videos as it only deepens the experience and provides stronger tingles of relaxation.

    NYA Hippie also has a YouTube channel that features a playlist with ASMR videos called Two Minute Tingles (TMT)! TMT are ASMR videos that are dedicated to providing roughly two minutes of fast triggers for a quick tingle fix!

    All in all, ASMR is pretty hard to put into words. It's an experience that everyone should explore for a wonderful way to relax!

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